Improving Diabetes Patient Education

Diabetes educators report that patients are anxious and overwhelmed with all the information they must process after their initial diagnosis. It's easy to understand why patients have difficulty processing the many aspects of diabetes care that are completely new to them.



Introducing a New Approach to Diabetes Education & Brand Integration


Rather than overloading patients with too much information in a short period of time, Diabetes Outlook® has pioneered a graduated approach. The First Year Learning Series delivers educational & brand information in-person through HCPs; along with delivering digital content that is emailed over a full 12-month span.



Diabetes_Outlook_First_Year Learning_Series.png

Building Brand Engagement

The Diabetes Outlook • First Year Learning Series is a cooperative marketing program that integrates leading brands throughout the entire first year of diabetes education.  The program starts with the delivery of a "patient pack" to initiate discussions, then combines the in-person format with digital content to reinforce educational & brand messaging over an extended period.

2016_Diabetes_Outlook.jpgThe program delivers:
  • print advertising
  • product sampling
  • brand literature & coupons
  • digital advertising
  • HCP communications

Over 1,000 diabetes educators & physician offices nationwide participate in the program, helping to educate their patients about a wide variety of diabetes self-care topics.

We cost effectively deliver marketing materials to this highly engaged audience on a category / drug class exclusive basis. Submit the request form on this page to learn more.

View: Diabetes Outlook Media Kit


Diabetes Educator Feedback - First Year Learning Series

• "I think this concept is long overdue.  Patients love to receive education, and technology is the way to go.  I think this will help keep the patient focus on good blood glucose control when classes/support groups are not available."

"I think it is a great idea and certainly gets patients involved in their own care."

"Seems like an innovative concept, haven't heard of one similar. I'd love to be able to individualize the content."